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β€œwhat’s that thing you call yourself? boobatard?” -remy

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I never looked at a video & felt like they was spitting on me https://t.co/Vqvg88nyBq

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delete this

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Molly Genee - Dreams and Nightmares [G-Mix] coming soon.. my best work yet and we just getting started.… https://t.co/ZcgC1pTwcx

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fun fact: my stats test was made by the devil

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statistics is literally making me want to die wow


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m is busy so probs not that one https://t.co/4LOu2cqxdw

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are you seeing any other letters of the alphabet while you’re there

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im sorry for wanting to share a very personal moment with you https://t.co/SOrTCficxH

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miko is talented goodbye https://t.co/LTxzNwXEp6

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i attract crackheads